Success Stories

The ability to move quickly is critical in a highly competitive market. Commercial properties no longer languish for weeks and months awaiting a buyer. Canon Property Group’s organizational structure is simple and responsive making it possible to move quickly to capitalize on those opportunities and even more important, CREATE those opportunities.

Sell Your Property: full price, off market

Sometimes a success story involves Canon Property Group representing both the Seller and the Buyer. In one transaction, a seller wanted to cash out of his office building where he’d operated a consulting firm for the past ten years but wanted to do it quietly (off-market). It was important to him to be able to choose the right time to inform his staff of the significant changes that were coming their way.

We were able to call one of our preferred buyer clients and got the seller’s asking price of $1.9 million for the property. We made it quiet, uneventful and so easy that the only thing the seller had to plan after the sale was his vacation.

Buy your property from you outright:

Over the last 12 years in business, Canon Property Group has focused on developing a strong network of investors, general contractors, designers and community members to serve our clients’ needs. If you want to sell your property without listing it on the open market, CPG can purchase the property from you through one of our clients. Just give us a call, let us know what you have and we’ll bring the best offer we can to the table. We’ll perform the due diligence and move forward to close quickly, quietly and get you on your way to doing the things you really enjoy.

Find New Properties in which to invest:

A client once told me that he wanted to buy something that was a steady investment with good cash flow. He said he was open to almost anything that was “Interesting.” Well, I brought this client a few deals each month for more than year before I found one that was “Interesting” to him – a rundown feed and farm supply store that will soon become a 20,000 square foot mixed-use office and retail building.

This is what we do best at Canon Property Group. We find development sites for clients, work with the builders and architects to develop a construction plan that will reach the desired profits margins, meet with bankers to help obtain favorable financing and sell all of the newly built units after the construction is finished.

1031 Exchange: 4 Properties, 3 investors

Tax-deferred 1031 exchanges have a way of multiplying especially when assisting one client turns into creating an opportunity for others.

A veteran investor looking for a property that was easier to manage came to CPG to use a 1031 Exchange as part of a plan to sell some of his properties, one of which was a 30-unit apartment building near Glendale.

CPG quickly approached one of its preferred buyers but that buyer also had two properties of his own to sell before he could take advantage of the opportunity he saw in the apartment building. We were able to find buyers for those properties that enabled him to use a 1031 Exchange to acquire the 30-unit building.

The veteran investor who originally sold the apartment building was then able to do a 1031 Exchange of his own to buy a brand new 14-unit townhome project in the Jefferson Park neighborhood under construction by CPG and a team of investors and builders.

If you’re considering a 1031 Exchange like the $13.75 million in real estate transactions listed above, call Canon Property Group. We’re good at listening and even better at producing results.

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